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It has been a few days since my last post. While I have thought about what to write and even made a few notes I just haven’t found the time to actually sit down and concentrate on my writing.

Instead I have been visiting with family that I only get to see once a year. Every summer relatives from Kentucky take the seven to eight hour drive to visit my grandma and the rest of us here in Indiana.

Along with that I have been trying to find a job in retail, and let me tell you something! It is a lot harder then in looks to find a job in retail when you don’t have any experience in the business.

My Family of Canines Part Two

My Family of Canines

*Picture of  Shino is unavailable*



Somehow throughout the years my family and I have added ten dogs to our household. Whether we couldn’t get rid of a pup, taken in a homeless dog, or just fell in love with a cute face; it seemed almost too easy for my family to take in ten pooches. While pets are amazing they are also hard work, now multiply that by ten and picture a zoo of monkeys. Well, that is pretty much what it’s like having so many dogs. Living with ten dogs can be a huge hassle but it’s also a privilege in a way.

Here is a little incite on what it’s like to live with ten dogs…

You always have a cuddle buddy

I think one of the best aspects of having a pet is always having someone to cuddle with and comfort you. Since the number of dogs outweighs the number of humans in my home, there is always someone you can snuggle with.

Sitting alone with only one or even two dogs is nice, but it’s a different story when the other eight come around.

Before being able to sit on my couch I always have to go through an obstacle course of chasing the dogs down. I will sit down, put my MacBook on my lap, and sit my drink on the coaster next to me. I will be completely relaxed and before I know it I hear a thunder of little paws chasing after me. The next I know Teddy, TJ, and Junior all jump on the couch and cuddle around me. Then Chloe and Lilly bark to be picked up, and on top of that Daisy scratches my legs because she, as well, wants to sit with me. This is when my obstacle course begins. I stand up, put my MacBook on the coffee table in front of me and throw Daisy on the couch. I then proceed to chase Chloe and Lilly around and under the coffee table until they finally just screech to a shaking halt and let me pick them up. After the loving ritual I get comfortable again and the dogs began to mold themselves to my position.

Finally after everyone gets situated I can work on my writing. But of course I have to work around nine dogs. Daisy is usually to the left of my hip in-between the couch cushion and me. Chloe is on my right side snuggled into my thigh while Junior sits behind her cuddled into my hip. My MacBook rest on my lap and Lilly gets comfortable in the back of my MacBook in-between my thighs, while TJ sits in-between my calves. Teddy makes his way to squeeze in front of Daisy and of course Molly has to join in the fun by taking up two, of the three seats on the couch. Sammie always chooses to sit on the loveseat by him selves rather then try and find a space by me.

Unfortunately this post is not exaggerated and I really do have to go through this course of dogs just to get comfortable on my own couch. Fun, right?


There is a lot more incite on what it’s like to live with ten dogs so keep an eye out for My Family of Canines Part Three!



My Family of Canines

My family and I are dog-loving people, so loving that we have ten dogs. Living with a crazy amount of dogs can be the best thing in the world, but it can also be the worst. All in all though, they are part of the family. Here is my description of our ten dogs.

Miffy – The Stuck-up

IMG_1675 2

Miffy is the only Pekingese we have. I call her a stuck-up because she walks around the house with her head held high and wont let any other dog touch her. She’s are oldest dog and now mainly spends her days begging for food and sleeping.

Chole – The Fatty


Chole is a miniature overweight Yorkie. She has short legs, which causes her to wobble when she walks. She is known for her obsessively loud barking and hogging of the food.

Teddy – The Whiner


Teddy whines so much I feel that if a small child kicked the back of my chair while singing “Let it go” from Disney’s Frozen in a high pitched voice, it still wouldn’t be as annoying as Teddy whining. He is yet another miniature Yorkie.

TJ – Teddy’s Twin


TJ is a smaller version of Teddy, except he has much more hair. Of course it would be just my luck to have another whiner in the family, but lucky for me TJ mixes it up once in a while and bark. So instead of pure whines I get the privilege of hearing a slight whimper, to a howl, to a full on bark. And of course, he is a miniature Yorkie, Teddy’s son to be exact.

Daisy – The Jealous Sweetheart


Daisy is our one and only miniature poodle and she is the sweetest dog anyone could want, but she does have a jealous side to her. She is the type of dog to follow you around, cuddle you when you cry, and lick your wounds. She is everything an owner would want in a dog. But hey, nothings that perfect! If Daisy is sitting with one of us, no other dog can be around or she will bite at it. She is extremely jealous and won’t have it when another dog wants attention. Honestly, she has the same personality as a jealous girlfriend/boyfriend.

Sammie – The Growler


Sammie is a Pomeranian and the only one we have. He is also our only mean dog. Sammie will growl at you even if you just say his name, honestly I think he’s a little crazy. This dog will go around and just growl at you, and he can’t get around strangers because he will just straight up bite them. I feel like he has more anger issues then the hulk.

Junior – The Beast


Junior is a mix bread between a Yorkie and a Pekingese. Junior can be accurately described as the beast from Disney’s Beauty in the Beast. He looks mean on the outside, and has a temper, but would never act on it. Not to mention he is scared of everything, and I mean everything. If it weren’t for his sweet personality the next nickname in line for him would be the scaredy cat. We’re lucky he eats out of a bowl, because if there’s no food in it, the dang dog is scared of the bowl! Oh and did I mention he was Sammies archenemy?

Lily – The Bug


I call Lily the bug because she probably isn’t bigger than a remote control. We’re lucky if we don’t step on her. Not to mention she keeps getting locked in rooms and closets because she crawls in them without notice and just stays there until we hear a squeaky little bark. Everyone then finds themselves running about opening doors to find her. She’s so small that she can’t jump on or off of our couches or chairs. So of course she will bark until someone puts her on or off of them. Now that I think of it, her bark is a bell and of course, we answer.

Shino – The Outsider

 (Picture unavailable)

Shino is a crossbreed between a Yorkie and a Chihuahua. We had too many difficulties with him biting and starting fights that we build him a decent sized insulated house in our back yard, he even has a door that closes and opens to a fenced in area of playful grass. Honestly I feel he’s the lucky one, he has his own house for crying out loud!

Molly – The Child


Molly is our only big dog; she is a standard poodle and is our youngest. Even though she is the youngest; she is by far the biggest. We can always see her trying to play with the small dogs and them getting annoyed. Lucky for her we have a ten-arced backyard. She likes to run and have all the little dogs try to catch up with her. Honestly its completely unfair since one step for her would equal to 10 steps for the little dogs.

We consider each of our dog’s family and love them all. They are well taken care of and they love where they live. Please take this post lightly.


My next post will be a follow up on what it’s like to live with ten dogs.

My BSU Experience

When I received a letter from Ball State University in late February I wasn’t the first to see it. In fact, I wasn’t even awake. Yes, it was the middle of the day and I was taking a nap in my moms bed with her laying right beside me, but so what? I was tired.

I knew it was around 3:30pm when I heard my younger brother pounding on the locked door yelling at me to get up. Being the stubborn one I am I yelled at him to shut up and let me be. Well, being the little brother he is, he wouldn’t stop pounding on the door until I answered him. In opening the door he shoved a large envelope in my face. In taking the letter I saw bold red letters in the lower corner of the envelope spelling, “YES!” Then I saw it; my letter from Ball State University had arrived.

I knew right away that I was finally accepted into my dream university. At the end of my senior year in high school I had applied but I received the tiny letter, which I’m sure everyone can guess that that means. Well, a year and two schools later, I was officially a Cardinal.

This section of my blog is all about my experiences at Ball State University, from the good times to the bad. I’m giving you the full Cardinal experience.


Small Town Livin

Growing up I was stuck in the middle of cows and horses, that being said, my left neighbors had cows while my right neighbors had horses. Living in the small town of Culver one realizes when house hunting there aren’t many houses to actually “hunt” down. So I grew up in a two-story house just ten minutes away from the small town I would call home for the next twelve plus years of my life.

Living in a town with a population of 1,380 people, give or take, for ten plus years, it’s safe to assume I know a thing or two about small towns. So, without further ado, here is the truth about small towns.

1. You never get lost.

It’s virtually impossible to get lost in a small town. I promise you, if you get lost in a small town then you’re more then likely in the woods, or inebriated

2. We make our own fun.

People living in small towns are more inclined to make their own fun because there is no amusement park or mall ten minutes down the road. By “make our own fun” I mean racing tricycles down the biggest hill you could find, going skinny dipping in the lake, or simply just going for a ride around town and buying  slushes at the gas station.

3. You can name everyone in your graduating class

Naming everyone in your grade is as easy as singing the alphabet, considering if you double the number of letters in the alphabet that pretty much makes up your class, if you’re lucky.

4. The only traffic jam you have to deal with is when everyone is  rushing to get out of school

There is never any traffic in small towns, until the last bell rings making it a race to see if you can be the first one out so you don’t get stuck behind the yellow buses.

5. Teachers referred to you by your older siblings name

If you’re an only sibling and live in a small town, consider yourself lucky. If not, get ready for the “oh, you’re little Suzie Lou’s sister,” from every teacher you meet. Not to mention the comparisons you get. Just hope that your older sibling was a good student, because if not, teachers will expect the same behavior out of you.

6. The closest Walmart is thirty minutes away, and don’t even get me started on fast food joints

If you ever want to get any shopping done you had to driving a few miles out just to get to the closest shopping center. Consider yourself lucky if your town has a fast food joint. As expected, most don’t, so say hello to overly priced burgers from family owned restaurants.

7. Everyone feels safe

Most of the time everyone can feel safe in a small town. Parents let their kids walk around, neighbors keep their doors unlocked. Everyone knows everything there could be to know about anyone, so it’s easy to trust.

8. The festivals are the greatest annual events

Small town festivals are the biggest events of the year, and the most exciting ones. Even if the festival isn’t that big it’s filled with fried ice cream and elephant ears, which is the closest thing anyone will get to a fast food place.

9. There are no secrets

As said in number seven, everyone knows everyone. Its easy for a rumor to spread with so few people and little excitement in small towns. The moment you get into a relationship half the school knows by lunch!

10. Most wouldn’t trade it for the world

Small towns can be amazing and hard to live in at the same time. There are many memories one can make at a small town and most agree that they wouldn’t trade their small town memories for city ones any day.


And that’s the Pathological Truth.





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